Thursday, September 1, 2016

How to Install the Latest MPV Media Player in Ubuntu 16.04

    MPV is a free and open-source media player forked from MPlayer2. It was started to modernize MPlayer by adding modern features, and removing unmaintainable code and dropping support for very old systems.

MPV 0.19.0 changelog

Build System Changes
  •     build: add --htmldir option
  •     build: always require atomics
  •     wscript: add proper unversioned SONAME for Android

  •     client API: add stream_cb API for user-defined stream implementations (bumps client API version to 1.22)
  •     vf_d3d11vpp: add video processor selection
  •     videotoolbox: add --hwdec=videotoolbox-copy for h/w accelerated decoding with video filters
  •     vo_opengl: add a tscale=linear direct implementation
  •     audio/filter: remove delay audio filter
Options and Commands

  •     command: add filename/no-ext sub-property that returns filename without extension
  •     command: add properties for HDR metadata
  •     command: add replaygain information properties to track-list
  •     options: add vp9 to --hwdec-codecs
  •     player: add --audio-stream-silence
  •     player: add --audio-wait-open
  •     player: add --no-autoload-files
  •     videotoolbox: add yuv420p to --videotoolbox-format
  •     options: un-restrict --audio-delay
  •     use - as command-name separator everywhere
  •     vo_opengl: reduce default 3dlut-size to 64x64x64 (since accuracy is improved)
  •     deprecate "balance" option/property (no replacement)
Fixes and Minor Enhancements

  •     Windows: don't wait for GUI thread when polling for events
  •     af_lavcac3enc: error out properly if encoding fails
  •     af_volume: don't let softvol overwrite af_volume volumedb sub-option
  •     ao_pulse: fix some volume control rounding issues
  •     ao_wasapi: in exclusive mode, do not output multichannel by default
  •     audio: add heuristic to move auto-downmixing before other filters
  •     audio: show an osd bar when changing ao-volume
  •     demux: make ALBUM replaygain tags optional
  •     demux_raw: fix small typo to add s16be support
  •     demux_timeline: restore mkv edition switching
  •     libarchive: sanitize non-UTF8 archive entries
  •     macOS/vo_opengl: fix crash when glctx is NULL during init
  •     player: disable display-sync with spdif transcoding
  •     player: do not cut off terminal status line if it contains newlines
  •     player: fix display-sync timing if audio resumes slowly
  •     player: improve instant track switching
  •     player: improve non-hr seeking with external audio tracks
  •     player: offset demuxer on start/seek properly with audio/sub delay
  •     player: sync audio as well when enabling it mid-stream
  •     stream/stream_bluray: display list of available titles in verbose mode
  •     sub: don't potentially discard too many subtitles on seek
  •     video: respect --deinterlace=auto
  •     vo_direct3d: add missing header (fixes Cygwin build)
  •     vo_opengl: angle: try D3D9 when D3D11 fails eglInitialize
  •     vo_opengl: angle: use WARP if there are no hw adapters (makes it work on Windows 7 without hardware-accelerated graphics)
  •     vo_opengl: increase 3DLUT accuracy at smaller LUT sizes
  •     vo_opengl: remove the 3dlut-size npot2 restriction
  •     vo_wayland: fix high CPU usage due to busy polling
  •     wayland_common: clip window size to the display output size
  •     wayland_common: fix crashes when switching to fullscreen before the video output is fully initialized
  •     wayland_common: fix fullscreen image switching bug
  •     wayland_common: prevent black bars on most non-native aspect ratios
  •     wayland_common: remove untested/unusable wayland dnd code
  •     win32: mpv.rc: re-add version info
  •     x11: skip ICC update on every window move
  •     ytdl: Error out with http_dash_segments (unsupported for now)

Installation instructions: 
We can add this PPA to Ubuntu Operating  Systems and install MPV Media Player with few easy commands.

Open terminal and insert command line...

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mc3man/mpv-tests

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get install mpv

(Optional) To remove the PPA And remove mpv via command:

$ sudo apt-get remove mpv && sudo apt-get autoremove

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