Monday, September 5, 2016

How to Install Foxit PDF Reader 8.0 on Ubuntu 16.04

Foxit PDF Reader is a free (as in free beer) and fast PDF reader for Linux, Mac OX and Windows. The latest stable version is 8.0. Linux and Mac OS X

New Features in Foxit Reader 8.0

    ConnectedPDF-More than PDF
  •    Create a ConnectedPDF document
  •    Register a new version of a ConnectedPDF document
  •    Request a file
  •    Configure Permissions
  •    Join a connected review without any third-party server
  •    Control document data and settings on the Document Homepage
  •    Manage file access history and messages with the Personal Homepage
  •    Dropbox integration
  •    Supports Touch Mode when working on touch-screen devices.
  •    Convert .msg files (emails) to PDF using the right-click context menu in Windows Explorer.
  •    Add an option to automatically save PDF documents at regular intervals in case of system crash or power failure.

Improvements in Foxit Reader 8.0

  •     RMS security enhancements (Enterprise Packaging only).
  •     Preserve formatting when copying tables from PDFs.
  •     View custom metadata in PDF.
  •     Print PDF sections/pages directly from selected bookmark(s).
  •     Support for SharePoint 2016 version.
  •     Cut, delete and move multiple bookmarks at a time.
  •     Pin the most used SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox folders to the File > Open/Save As panels in Foxit Reader for easy access.
 Installation instructions: 

   Open terminal and insert command line...

32Bit OS

$ wget

$ tar xzvf FoxitReader*.tar.gz

$ sudo chmod a+x FoxitReader*.run

$ sudo ./FoxitReader.*.run

64Bit OS
$ wget

$ tar xzvf FoxitReader*.tar.gz

$ sudo chmod a+x FoxitReader*.run

$ sudo ./FoxitReader.*.run

Then follow the installation wizard. I recommend installing it under /opt/ directory.

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