Tuesday, September 27, 2016

How to install Fotoxx 16.09 Photo Editor on Ubuntu 16.04

   Fotoxx is a free Linux program for editing photos or other images and managing a large collection. Image directories (folders) can be viewed as a scrolling gallery of thumbnail images. Navigating directories and subdirectories is simple and fast. Click on a thumbnail for a full window view of the image. The image can be zoomed, panned and scrolled using the mouse. Gallery thumbnails can vary from small to huge. Popup windows can be used to view multiple images at any scale. Galleries are also used to display image search results and albums.

  Fotoxx 16.09 changelog

Image Index:
  •  Fotoxx startup is much faster when there are few new image files to index. Huge galleries also show much faster. The image index file is converted to a new format. The old file is kept for safety, and can be deleted later.
  •  Indexing can be completely bypassed if Fotoxx is started from a file manager(e.g. Nautilus) to open a selected file, which displays instantly. Image edits work normally. Search and map functions are disabled because they  require the image index. The index can be updated on demand or the next  time Fotoxx starts normally. Set options using Tools > User Options.
Gallery View:
   Galleries with images from multiple directories (from a search function,    recent images query, timeline report, etc.) now include the lowest level directory name in addition to the file name, photo date and thumbnail image.

User Options: view last file version only:
   This option now affect both image file view and gallery view. If set, only  the latest version of each image file is shown, also in gallery pages. Albums and results from search functions are not affected.

   A user can optionally use the Mapbox map source by acquiring an access key. These are free for moderate map usage (50,000 tiles per month). See the User Guide for a description of the differences and how to obtain a key.

Batch Convert:
   Inserting plugin text in the output file names was simplified. Photo dates (from EXIF metadata) can be inserted into the output file names.

   The user data in /home/<user>/.fotoxx can now be located wherever wanted. This also enables multiple image collections, managed separately.

   The report by location and date-group and the timeline report were made more elegant with non-scrolling table headers. Click on a table position to get a corresponding thumbnail gallery of images.

Gallery sort by photo date:
   Multiple edit versions of the same photo were unsorted because they all share the same photo date. Resolved by using file mod date as tie breaker.

  •  User Options: If a font was selected that had no monospace implementation, some report formats looked horrible. A generic monospace font is now used.
  •  Gallery sort by photo date was incorrect after editing photo dates. (self-corrected after displaying some other gallery and coming back).
  •  When saving a modified image as a new file or version, some obscure ITPC metadata was not being copied to the new file.
  •  Trim/Rotate: the [+90] and [-90] buttons failed when pressed multiple times. 

Installation instructions:

Open terminal and insert command line...

$ sudo apt-get install gdebi

$ wget http://www.kornelix.net/downloads/packages/fotoxx-16.09-x86_64.deb

$ sudo gdebi fotoxx-16.09-x86_64.deb

$ fotoxx

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