Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Install Glances 2.7.1 - Real Time System Monitoring Tool on Ubuntu 16.04

   Glances is a cross-platform command-line curses-based system monitoring tool written in Python language which use the psutil library to grab informations from the system. With Glance, we can monitor CPU, Load Average, Memory, Network Interfaces, Disk I/O, Processes and File System spaces utilization.

Glances is a free tool and licensed under GPL to monitory GNU/Linux and FreeBSD operating systems. There are lots of interesting options available in Glances as well. One of the main features we have seen in Glances is that we can set thresholds (careful, warning and critical) in configuration file and informations will be shown in colors which indicates the bottleneck in the system.

Glances Features
  •     CPU Informations (user related applications, system core programs and idle programs.
  •     Total memory Information including RAM, Swap, Free memory etc.
  •     The average CPU load for the past 1min, 5mins and 15 mins.
  •     Network Download/Upload rates of network connections.
  •     Total number of processes, active ones, sleeping processes etc.
  •     Disk I/O related (read or write) speed details
  •     Currently mounted devices disk usages.
  •     Top processes with their CPU/Memory usages, Names and location of application.
  •     Shows the current date and time at bottom.
  •     Highlights processes in Red that consumes highest system resources.
 Installation instructions: 

Open terminal and insert command line...

$ sudo apt-get install python-pip build-essential python-dev lm-sensors

$ sudo pip install psutil logutils bottle batinfo zeroconf netifaces pymdstat influxdb elasticsearch potsdb statsd pystache docker-py pysnmp pika py-cpuinfo bernhard

$ sudo pip install glances

$ glances

Press 'q' or ('ESC' or 'Ctrl&C' also works) to quit from Glances terminal.

Glances Color Codes

Meaning of Glances color code:
  •     GREEN: OK (everything is fine)
  •     BLUE: CAREFUL (need attention)
  •     VIOLET: WARNING (alert)
  •     RED: CRITICAL (critical)

Glances Options

Besides, several command line options, glances provides many more hot keys to find output information while glances is running. Below are the list of several hot keys.

    a – Sort processes automatically
    c – Sort processes by CPU%
    m – Sort processes by MEM%
    p – Sort processes by name
    i – Sort processes by I/O rate
    d – Show/hide disk I/O stats ols
    f – Show/hide file system statshddtemp
    n – Show/hide network stats
    s – Show/hide sensors stats
    y – Show/hide hddtemp stats
    l – Show/hide logs
    b – Bytes or bits for network I/Oools
    w – Delete warning logs
    x – Delete warning and critical logs
    x – Delete warning and critical logs
    1 – Global CPU or per-CPU stats
    h – Show/hide this help screen
    t – View network I/O as combination
    u – View cumulative network I/O
    q – Quit (Esc and Ctrl-C also work)

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