Wednesday, June 14, 2017

How to install VidCutter 3.5.0 on Ubuntu 16.04, 17.04

    VidCutter is an open-source video trimmer app for Linux, Windows and macOS. It’s built using Python and Qt5, and uses FFmpeg as its decoding and encoding backend. It lets you cut, split or trim large video files in to smaller, easier to share clips.

VidCutter 3.5.0 Changelog:
  •     redesigned timeline & slider with timecode labels at fixed intervals as per  regular video editors
  •     thumbnail previews on timeline; the entire timeline background is overlayed with thumbnail previews which looks good + helps you target where you want to mark a start/stop point. thumbnil generation is threaded so will not  slow the app down or hinder your use of it. thumbnails will regenerate on app resize
  •     thumbnail previews and on screen display toggle buttons added to far left of main toolbar; what they do is self-explanatory
  •     slider movement/sync with mpv backend improved; should be less jumpy on problematic videos with bad indexes
  •     configurable seeking time lengths; this is for the up+down and shift up+down keys which were set to 2 secs and 5 secs forwards and backwards. you can now set the number of secs as preferred via new spinboxes added to the  settings menu labelled Seek #1 and Seek #2
  •     additional on screen display text added to various functions
  •     fixed bug when clearing clip index and you could not continue navigating video requiring you to reload
  •     continue button added to the job completion dialog and set as the default button selection
  •     libmpv bindings library updated with the latest changed from upstream; should not be noticeable to users albeit improved playback or slider position sync
  •     VidCutter project files (.vcp) can now be preloaded like regular videos either by passing file path on command line or drag 'n dropping project onto a VidCutter application/shortcut icon
  •     new icon, let me know if you find the old icon still being used someplace
  •     some other minor bug fixes from user issues that I am sure I have forgotten to list

Installation instructions:

Open terminal and insert command line...

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ozmartian/apps

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get install qml-module-qtmultimedia vidcutter

Install via package if PPA is not up to date

$ wget

$ chmod +x VidCutter-3.5.0-linux-x64.AppImage

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