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How to install Stellarium 0.16.0 on Ubuntu 16.04, 17.04

    Stellarium is a free open source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope.

Stellarium 0.16.0 is a stable version (based on Qt5.6 but it can still be built from sources with Qt5.4) that introduces some new features and closes 38 bug and wishlist reports.

New features include
  •  RemoteSync plugin, which allows running several connected instances of Stellarium.
  •  Nonspherical models for solar system objects like asteroids and small moons.
  •  Solar system config file is now split into two parts.
  •  AstroCalc feature extension: What's Up Tonight, graphs, ...
  •  DSO: Addition of catalogs of peculiar galaxies
  •  New Skycultures: Belarusian, Hawaiian Star Lines
  •  Telescope plugin: support for the RTS2 telescope system.
  •  Location can now be read from a GPS device.

Full list of changes:
  •  Added support of irregular solar system objects (3D models of minor bodies)
  •  Added Remote Sync plugin
  •  Added GPS devices support
  •  Added splitting ssystem.ini data  now have separate ssystem_major.ini and ssystem_minor.ini. Only the latter shall be editable for the users.
  •  Added a few more timezone replacements.
  •  Added support an asterisms for the sky cultures
  •  Added better identification for existing serial ports for GPS
  •  Added context support for constellations and asterisms names
  •  Added support RTS2 for Telescope Control Plugin
  •  Added a new option in config.ini file esp. for the planetariums (astro/
  • flag_forced_meteor_activity=(false|true)  to show a sporadic meteors activity without atmosphere).
  •  Added support of date and time formatting settings from main app to AstroCalc tool.
  •  Added a line for the approximate time of the meridian passing in AstroCalc tool
  •  Added TLE tracking to RTS2 telescopes
  •  Added different star scales in the Oculars plugin, even separately for ocular and CCD views
  •  Added information on magnification of the combination of eyepiece/lens/telescope in proportions of the telescope diameters.
  •  Added configurable options to AstroCalc tool
  •  Added support Catalan (Valencian) language
  •  Added support Kabyle language
  •  Added 'What's Up Tonight' tool  AstroCalc subsystem
  •  Added Dark Doodad Nebula to DSO catalog
  •  Added more data for analysis to the Exoplanets plugin.
  •  Added calculation of list of visible object for current location (AstroCalc)
  •  Added tool to remove custom markers by coordinates
  •  Added support double and variable stars for AstroCalc tool
  •  Added support translation novae names (parse nova name to extract constellation name and year of flash)
  •  Added lists of bright double and bright variable stars to Search Tool
  •  Added customized buttons for toggle ICRS/Galactic/Ecliptic grids
  •  Added customized buttons for toggle constellation boundaries
  •  Added import/export bookmarks
  •  Added confirmation before deleting landscape
  •  Added guessing for name of location and use it when spaceship is landing
  •  Added an 'Additional settings' block for selected object info
  •  Added showing a proper motions for some stars
  •  Added an optional indication of mount mode
  •  Added option to toggle the usage the buttons background on bottom bar
  •  Added config option for planet apparent magnitude configuration
  •  Added description to the planets magnitude algorithm
  •  Added contrast index for DSO
  •  Added AstroCalc/Graphs feature
  •  Added new option to configure behaviour of Satellites (Satellites/time_rate_limit = 1.0)
  •  Added a scripting function to retrieve property names (helpful for configuring RemoteSync).
  •  Added 3 additional catalogs to our DSO catalog (Arp, VV, PK)
  •  Added packing of DSO catalog
  •  Added the showing the groups of the artificial satellites
  •  Added Belarusian sky culture
  •  Adding Hawaiian Starlines sky culture
  •  Added list of bright stars with high proper motion to the Search Tool/Lists and AstroCalc/Positions features
  •  Added lunar magnitude to sky brightness computation (brightness variation during lunar eclipses!)
  •  Added property handling for the labels for ArchaeoLines plugin.
  •  Added Ukrainian translation for Belarusian skyculture
  •  Added Ukrainian translation for Hawaiian Starlines skyculture
  •  Added context and improve English phrase (AstroCalc)
  •  Added missed zh_HK zh_TW zh_CN descriptions for western skyculture
  •  Added Belarusian description for Belarusian sky culture
  •  Added Bengali description for Belarusian sky culture
  •  Added 'simulation speed' for tooltip of time
  •  Added saving an angular separation option for phenomena
  •  Fixed crash when tried use of SIMBAD for offline mode
  •  Fixed build scripts to update Index once more just before final run.
  •  Fixed COSPAR designation parser.
  •  Fixed wrong extinction coordinate frame of Zodiacal Light
  •  Fixed a missing initialisation (avoids crash at program end)
  •  Fixed bug for loading default scenery on nonEnglush locale in Scenery3D plugin
  •  Fixed typo in name of dark nebula LDN 935
  •  Fixed Scripting Engine: avoiding broken script when calling waitFor() after the point in time to wait.
  •  Fixed infoMap data for comets.
  •  Fixed issue of reloading of DSO names when filter of catalogs is updated.
  •  Fixed small cosmetic bug for SIMBAD status line.
  •  Fixed the opposition/conjunction longitude line: the line follows the ecliptic pole on date now
  •  Fixed very stupid bug for Date & Time dialog.
  •  Fixed translation onthefly issue for AstroCalc tool.
  •  Fixed IAU constellation label for stars with high proper motion
  •  Fixed crash when AstroCalc tool is active and we are on the spaceship
  •  Fixed several Coverity issues
  •  Fixed bug which disabled the bright flaretype Iridium point source drawing
  •  Fixed fullscreen behaviour on switching tasks (Alt+Tab)
  •  Fixed dynamic eye adaptation behaviour when persistent orbits are enabled
  •  Fixed switching horizontal/equatorial coordinates for Solar system objects (AstroCalc/Positions)
  •  Fixed crash when observer is flying on spaceship
  •  Fixed storing torchlight and coordinate display flag to config (Scenery3D)
  •  Fixed placing a custom markers on HighDPI devices
  •  Fixed infostring for ecliptical coordinates data (Nutation)
  •  Fixed strings consistency for Solar System Editor plugin
  •  Fixed string overlap with FOV and FPS labels
  •  Restore searchable for telescope names
  •  Updated Scenery3D plugin
  •  Updated Satellites plugin: refactoring the source code and speedup rendering of satellites
  •  Updated rule to create a directory for screenshots
  •  Updated GUI: refactoring blocks
  •  Updated a GUI behaviour: a map in LocationDialog resizable is now.
  •  Updated a GUI behaviour: enabled low resolution for High DPI devices.
  •  Updated a GUI: added a few GUI text improvements
  •  Updated InnoSetup script
  •  Updated and revised stars names
  •  Updated Historical Supernovae catalog (Added SN 2017cbv)
  •  Updated meteor showers catalog (Added data for year 2017)
  •  Updated AstroCalc tool: increased an accuracy of 'Altitude vs. Time' diagram
  •  Updated AstroCalc tool: speedup calculations for some types of phenomena
  •  Updated AstroCalc tool: extension of features for Ephemeris Tool
  •  Updated AstroCalc tool: improve WUT
  •  Updated filters for DSO objects in AstroCalc/WUT tool
  •  Updated sorting rules for AstroCalc/Positions tool
  •  Updated filters for Solar system bodies (AstroCalc/Positions)
  •  Updated tab rules for Search Tool
  •  Updated list of locations
  •  Updated scripts and scripting engine
  •  Updated list of DSO's names
  •  Updated headers for AstroCalc tools
  •  Updated 'Go to home' feature.
  •  Updated Bookmarks tool.
  •  Updated API documentation
  •  Updated Exoplanets plugin: improve placing of the exoplanet systems
  •  Updated Oculars plugin: the limit for diameter of binoculars aperture upped to 200mm
  •  Updated calculation for boundaries of IAU constellations
  •  Updated default supernovae catalog
  •  Updated Belarusian translation for skycultures
  •  Updated cmake variable names
  •  Updated Ocean landscape
  •  Updated RemoteControl panels with new functionality
  •  Updated rules for TLE updated: never update TLE's for any date before Oct 4, 1957, 19:28:34GMT ;)
  •  Removed script 'Analemma'
  •  Removed useless vertex color data from asteroid models.
  •  Removed Polynesian sky culture (replaced by Hawaiian starlines)

Installation instructions:

    Up to date packages are available via some third party packages, so installing the software on Ubuntu is easy. Just add the PPA to your system, update the local repository index and install the stellarium package:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stellarium/stellarium-releases

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get install stellarium

  Optinal, to remove stellarium, do:

$ sudo apt-get remove stellarium

refer original :

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