Wednesday, May 3, 2017

How to install MuseScore 2.1 Released! on Ubuntu 16.04 & Higher

   MuseScore 2.1, a free music notation software, was released today with new note input modes and a huge list of bug-fixes.

MuseScore 2.1 Changelog:
  •     New note input modes allow you to play music on a MIDI keyboard in real time and have MuseScore transcribe both pitches and rhythms, either using the built-in metronome or your foot pedal to keep the tempo
  •     New input mode to allow entry of rhythm first, pitches later
  •     New command to rewrite rhythms to show beat divisions according to time signature rules
  •     New and improved commands to change duration of existing notes while in note input mode, including adding and removing augmentation dots
  •     Synthesizer improvements, including updates to the default SoundFont and better support for SFZ format
  •     Ability to upload audio to along with your score, so others can hear your score with your chosen SoundFont or SFZ
  •     Improved historical tablature support, including lute bass strings
  •     When changing instruments mid-score (e.g., from flute to clarinet), the transposition is now handled correctly
  •     Improved selection controls, including the ability to select notes of the same pitch, duration, or notehead, and the ability to select or deselect all element types in the Selection Filter
  •     New command to swap selection with clipboard (simultaneously paste to and copy from the selected range)
  •     More controls: ability to reorder score tabs, customize pause length of breaths and caesuras, add/remove brackets on accidentals, set MP3 bitrate, add page breaks when creating albums, include fingering in tablature staves
  •     New and improved templates and instruments, including various marching bands and percussion ensembles, a general percussion staff, more standard clefs for basses, additional ethnic instruments
  •     UI improvements in Staff Properties, New Score Wizard, Edit Drumset, and other windows
See announcement for full details

Installation instructions:

    You can download the AppImage from the link below:

Then make the file executable from its context menu -> Properties window:

Finally run the file to start MuseScore 2.1:

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