Thursday, June 30, 2016

WeeChat 1.5 Brings New Features And Bug-Fixes

WeeChat is an open-source, multi-platform lightweight and extensible chat client, having a text user interface only. Having support for scripts and plugins that can be loaded either at startup or dynamically, the app has support for IRC.

Also, it permits multiple connections to multiple servers, has support for UTF-8 and can use multiple character sets for encoding/decoding messages.

The latest version available is WeeChat 1.5, which brings the below new features:

New features
  •     core: add Portuguese translations
  •     core: change default value of option weechat.look.nick_color_hash to "djb2"
  •     core: move nick coloring from irc plugin to core, move options irc.look.nick_color_force, irc.look.nick_color_hash and irc.look.nick_color_stop_chars to core, add info "nick_color" and "nick_color_name", deprecate info "irc_nick_color" and "irc_color_name"
  •     core: move irc bar item "away" to core, move options irc.look.item_away_message and irc.color.item_away to core
  •     api: add support of functions in hook_process
  •     api: add pointer in callbacks used in scripting API
  •     irc: add option
  •     irc: add multiple targets and support of "-server" in command /ctcp
  •     ruby: add detection of Ruby 2.3 
  •     trigger: add "recover" in default triggers cmd_pass/msg_auth, and "regain" in default trigger "msg_auth" 

Bugs fixed
  •     core: fix nick coloring when stop chars and a forced color are used: first remove chars then look for forced color
  •     core: check that pointers received in arguments are not NULL in buffers and windows functions
  •     core: fix truncation of buffer names in hotlist
  •     core: fix update of window title under Tmux
  •     core: fix detection of Python shared libraries
  •     api: fix number of arguments returned by function string_split() when keep_eol is 2 and the string ends with separators    irc: fix first message displayed in raw buffer when the message is modified by a modifier     irc: add missing completion "*" for target in command /msg
  •     irc: fix /msg command with multiple targets including "*"
  •     lua: fix crash when a lua function doesn’t return a value and a string was expected
  •     relay: do not execute any command received in a PRIVMSG message from an irc relay client
  •     relay: fix the max number of clients connected on a port, allow value 0 for "no limit"
  •     relay: fix decoding of multiple frames in a single websocket message, send PONG on PING received in a websocket frame
  •     relay: fix command "input" received from clients with only spaces in content of message (weechat protocol)
  •     script: force refresh of scripts buffer after download of scripts list
  •     xfer: fix DCC file received when the terminal is resized

Installation instructions:

WeeChat is available via PPA, so the Ubuntu users can get the latest versions of the app on their systems easily. Just add the ppa to the system, refresh the repository index and install the weechat package.

Open terminal and insert command line...

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nesthib/weechat-stable

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get install weechat

Optional, to remove WeeChat, do:

$ sudo apt-get remove weechat

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