Thursday, June 23, 2016

How To Create WiFi Hotspot In Ubuntu 16.04

Set up your wireless network connection in Ubuntu 16.04. How to create Wifi Hotspot in Ubuntu 16.04

Before you start to create WiFi Hotspot in Ubuntu 16.04, disable WiFi and plug in a wired Internet connection to your laptop/PC. Please makes sure that the Ubuntu is connected to a wired Internet and wireless is disabled.

1. Disable WiFi and connect to a wired Internet connection.
2. Go to Network Icon on top panel.
3. Select Edit Connections and then click the Add button (in the pop-up window). You can also select Create New WiFi Network.
4. Choose Wi-Fi from the drop-down menu (under connection type).

5. In next window, do the following
  • Type in a connection name. Please note this name as we will use the name later.
  • ype in a SSID
  • Select mode: Infrastructure
  • Device MAC address: Select your wireless card from drop-down menu
  • In Wifi Security tab, select WPA & WPA2 Personal and type in a password. 
  • In IPv4 Settings tab, select mode “Share to other computers
6. Go to Wi-Fi Security tab, select security type WPA & WPA2 Personal and set a password.
7. Go to IPv4 Settings tab, from Method drop-down box select Shared to other computers.
8. Click the save button.
9. Now connect to the WiFi Hotspot created.

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