Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Install G’MIC 1.7.3 (Standalone Software And GIMP Plugin) Has Been Released on Ubuntu

G’MIC (GREYC’s Magic Image Converter) is a editing tool, that can be used with GIMP or as a standalone application, being available for both Linux and Windows. G’MIC provides a window which enables the users to add more than 500 filters over photos and preview the result, in order to give the photos some other flavor.

G’Mic comes with different interfaces: a command-line tool, an interface for webcam manipulation, build in Qt and a library and plugin for GIMP.

The latest version available is G’Mic 1.7.3 which has been recently released, coming with a lot of changes.

New features:
      New filter Colors / Customize CLUT in the GIMP plug-in. This filter allows to create your own CLUT-based color transformation by selecting color correspondence keypoints, which are interpolated afterwards to get a full CLUT in the RGB space.
  • New command -pixelsort and its associated GIMP filter Degradations / Pixel sort implement a pixel sorting algorithm, as explained here : 
  • New command -adjust_colors proposes a simple way to perform global color adjustment (brightness/contrast/gamma/hue/saturation) in an image. This command is now used by all filters in the GIMP plug-in which require such adjustments. 
  • New commands -input_cube and -output_cube that read/write CLUT images from/into a .cube file (Adobe format).
  •  New commands -median_files and -median_videos compute the median frame of a sequence of files (or a video file). It does this by decomposing the frames into bloc of rows, to save memory usage. For video files encoded with 8bits-channels (most of the videos), a fast median algorithm based on streamed histogram computation has been added.
  • Added function stod(str) in math parser, to convert a string into a double value.
  •     Command -snowflake has been replaced by command -shape_snowflake which is faster and does not generate holes anymore in the generated shape.
  •     Command -guided now accepts percentage for argument regularization.
  •     Command -permute now accepts arguments with less than 4 chars, e.g. -permute yx is equivalent to -permute yxzc (permute data along axes x and y, for all z and c).
Bug fixes:
  •     Loading and saving large Niftii and Analyze image files have been improved.
  •     Fixed bug when trying to display an image with a very large depth and very small width and height (e.g. a 1x1x65535 image).
  •     Reading an unknown frame of a video file now throws an exception instead of returning no images. This also avoid a bug when trying to insert a new named image from a video frame with command -input.
  •     In math parser, vector-valued pixel access operators with boundary conditions set to Periodic now works as expected.
Installation instructions:
    You just need to add the PPA to your system, update the local repository index and install the gmic package:

Open terminal and insert command line...

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:otto-kesselgulasch/gimp

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get install gmic 

Optional, to remove Darktable, do:

$ sudo apt-get remove gmic

 The latest G’MIC versions are available via some third party PPA, so installing the software on Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus, Ubuntu 15.10 Wily Werewolf, Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr,  Linux Mint 17.x, Elementary OS 0.3 Freya.

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