Saturday, February 25, 2017

How to install Endless Sky 0.9.6 released on Ubuntu

     Endless Sky is a sandbox-style space exploration game similar to Elite, Escape Velocity, or Star Control. You start out as the captain of a tiny space ship and can choose what to do from there. The game includes a major plot line and many minor missions, but you can choose whether you want to play through the plot or strike out on your own as a merchant or bounty hunter or explorer.

Endless Sky Changelog:
  • Bug fixes:
    • Coalition jobs will now "repeat" instead of only being offered once.
    • Typo fixes.
    • Fixed a bug that caused wildly inaccurate depreciation values on some computers.
    • Fixed a crash due to responding to mouse clicks when the player's flagship is dead.
    • Fixed a bug where "surveillance" ships never succeed in scanning.
    • Saved games on planets that were created by events now load correctly.
    • Fixed incorrect accelerator hints being displayed in the info panel.
    • Hopefully fixed the bug of the "last" sound not loading properly on some Windows systems.
    • "Entering" ships no longer forget their destination if the game is reloaded.
    • Clicking and dragging now only selects ships if no other panel was open when clicking.
    • Fixed a bug that kept the "Sad Archie" mission from working in 0.9.5.
    • Fixed depreciation not being applied to auto-sold fighters and outfits.
    • Made it so you can't hail wormholes, even if they're marked as "inhabited."
    • If you're in an uninhabited system, fixed how commodity prices in other systems show up in the map.
    • Made it so the first TMBR mission doesn't get offered on pirate worlds.
    • Fixed derelict ships that had been captured reappearing.
    • Fixed the NPC message showing multiple times if you capture a ship you needed to "evade."
    • The selected planet is now cleared in the map if you change your destination via the jump key.
    • Fixed shipyard and outfitter maps showing what's available in unexplored systems.
  • Game content:
    • Updated the scanner descriptions to describe the benefit of multiple scanners.
    • Drug running missions now only get offered in human space.
    • Added hail messages for friendly pirates.
    • The Coalition intro mission no longer assumes you have already met the Hai.
    • New landscape images.
    • Added messages when you succeed in destroying each "scattered remnant" Korath fleet.
    • Made the "Defend Spera Anatrusk" battle a little bit easier.
    • Added images for all the Coalition outfits and unique sounds for all their weapons.
    • Korath exile worlds no longer fine you for illegal cargo.
    • The TMBR missions can no longer interrupt missions from the main story line.
    • The first part of the Syndicate Capture mission now requires your escorts to accompany you.
    • Fixed an incorrectly set "habitable" zone in the Dokdobaru system.
    • Switched back to the full-resolution icon on Mac OS X (rather than the "window icon").
    • Added "autosave" tags to key missions in the Wanderer story line.
    • Reduced the Unfettered jump drive payoff to be more in line with the drive's depreciated value.
  • Game mechanics:
    • Made depreciation happen about three times slower.
    • Eliminated death benefits, since depreciation does a better job of balancing capture and plunder.
    • Drag now applies to the acceleration from firing weapons and being hit by them.
    • Escorts now ignore orders (except "hold position") if you're jumping or in another system.
    • You can now select a planet in the map to have the autopilot land there when it reaches that system.
    • You can now hail dominated planets to release them from paying tribute to you.
    • Auto-aiming now takes "random velocity" into account, making the Bombardment Turret more accurate.
  • User interface:
    • Added a preference to highlight your flagship to make it easier to distinguish from other ships.
    • When naming a new ship, added a button to have the game propose a random civilian name.
    • The zooming of the main view now pauses whenever it is not active.
    • In the main menu, the "New Pilot" shortcut now only works if no pilot is loaded.
    • Escort target brackets no longer show up for escorts that have not taken off yet.
    • Reduced the number of scanning warnings that display at the same time.
    • Added messages that tell you if someone succeeds in scanning your cargo or outfits.
    • The "fail" noise no longer plays over and over if you hold the jump key while out of fuel.
    • Ships exiting wormholes no longer make the "exiting hyperspace" noise.
  • Under the hood:
    • The help messages for new players are now configurable via a text file. 

Installation instructions:

 Opening terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and running the command:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mzahniser/endless-sky

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get install endless-sky

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